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Small Operating light with the optional advantage of focussing

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Superior colour rendition

With colour rendering indexes Ra above 95 and R9(red) above 90 the surgeon recognizes clearly the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue. The colour rendering index is Ra≥95. For recognizing the exact colour spectrum of the wound the exact rendition of the red colour range is essential. R9(red) ≥ 90 means for the surgeon a visibly better recognition of details. The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast. The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes.

Facetted multi-lens system

A multitude of computer-calculated facetted lenses guarantees homogeneity and lowest shadiness in the light field. Separately arranged optical systems, with one LED module, generate their own light field, which increases the contrast effect of the OT-lightProcedure lights and Examination Lights. Light intensities of 100.000 Lux can be attained without difficulty.

Superior colour rendition

The light field can be focused by turning the handle. The focussable light beam allows a punctual illumination of deepest wound channels with light intensity and an exact matching of the light field diameter with the size of the wound field.

Technical Data

Mach LED 150 light system Mach LED 150 F(2) Mach LED 150(3)
Light intensity in Lux at 1 meter distance 100.000 80.000
Colour rendering index Ra(4) ≥ 95 ≥ 95
Colour rendering index R9(5) ≥ 90 ≥ 95
Focussable light field size (in cm) 14 – 25 17 (fixed focus)
Colour temperature (Kelvin) 4300 4300
Electronic light intensity control at the lamphead 50 – 100% 50 – 100%
Temperature increase in the head area 0,50 C 0,50 C
Total power consumption 35 W 35 W
Light source LED 24 24
Diameter of light head (in cm) 38 38
Working distance (in cm) 70 – 140 70 – 140
Height adjustment (in cm) 118 118