Preventative Maintenance

We primarily offer PM services on Dr MACH operating theatre lights, which cover many facets of safety, including electrical, mechanical and hygiene safety. As many of our customers have multiple brands and models of medical lights within their theatres, which require servicing we offer service to all makes and models of medical examination lights. We are committed to reducing breakdowns and increasing the life of your operating theatre lights. In fact our services are so well regarded that the Australian Defence Force uses our technicians to train their team on maintenance related to operating theatre lights.

Spare Parts

As for spare parts, it would be hard to find another organisation in the Southern Hemisphere with a similar range of spares. Because of the range of operating lights on which we perform PM on, we stock a wide range of new parts for various models of many medical lights brands commonly in service. Additionally, when customers have upgraded to our Dr MACH medical examination lights, we keep the old medical lights to help service our other customers. We are dedicated to providing spares for virtually any model or brand of medical lights installed in Australia post WW2.

Installation Services

In addition to maintaining our vast installed base of Dr MACH products, we also offer service to other manufacturers of surgical lights, where the agents no longer exist, are sales based or geographically isolated from their customers