We are industry leaders in installation and the ongoing maintenance of operating theatre lights. We pride ourselves on great service and workmanship. We also offer surgical lights, installation advice and general services in preventative maintenance.

Our customers choose us as we have over 50 years’ experience in the industry and have been an Australian agent for Dr MACH products since 1977. We also internally adapt our German made Dr MACH LED medical lighting to meet the local Australian standards where they differ from International standards. H.E. Technical Services is at the forefront of medical lighting development ensuring attention to detail is executed every step of the engineering process.

All of our LED medical lights, including examination lights and LED procedure lights meet Australian Standards and are TGA listed.


H.E Technical Services has built a reputation for reliability and precision, having installed examination lights in thousands of sites across Australia. We are aware of the specific lighting requirements for the medical, surgical and veterinary industry and with this in mind all our medical lights are designed with reliability and functionality in mind and tested for durability.

Examination Lights

Recovery areas, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Coronary Care Units (CCU), High Dependency Units (HDU), Neo-Natal/Infant Care Units (NICU), Examination Rooms, Consultancy Rooms, Burns Wards, Oncology Treatment Rooms, Dialysis Treatment Rooms and Veterinary Practices.

Procedure Lights

Endoscopy, Birthing Rooms, Day Surgery, Suture Rooms, Gynecology Procedures, ICU, Resuscitation Rooms, Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, Maxi facial Surgery, Burns Units, ENT surgery, Dental Surgery, Pre-Op Rooms, Catheterization Laboratories and Veterinary Use.

Operating Theatre Lights

Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neuro Surgery, General Surgery, Catheterization Laboratories, Day Surgery, Resuscitation Room and Veterinary Use.


We are industry leaders in installation and the ongoing maintenance of operating theatre lights. To get the job done

right the first time. We like to be involved from the start with architects, builders, electricians and mechanical service engineers.

Preventative Maintenance

Spare Parts

Installation Services

Installation Services

Spare Parts



    H.E.Technical Services was founded in1972 by Fred von Hoff and since then has remained an independently owned, Australian family business.

    Australian supplier of Medical lights.