H. E. Technical Services was founded in 1972 by Fred von Hoff and since then has remained an independently owned, Australian family business. We have also been the Australian agent for Dr Mach products since 1977. In the last 40 years, the company has evolved from being a purely commission based sales company into a specialist supplier and manufacturer of the broadest range of quality examination lights, procedure lights, surgical lightsLED medical lighting and LED operating lights in our field.

Hundreds of medical facilities across Australia continue to choose H.E. Technical for their medical lighting needs, because of the quality of our medical and surgical lights, technical sales and after sales support. We treat the sale, installation, commissioning and after-sale service of an entry level examination light the same as we would, a procedure lights or an operating theatre light with all the bells and whistles.

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What makes us different?

Find out why hundreds of sites in Australia have chosen H.E. Technical Services for their medical lighting. All of our products are highly reliable and designed for use in operating theatrespre-op, anaesthetic, procedure, suture, emergency, examination and resuscitation rooms. Durability, reliability, functionality and hygiene are key criteria when selecting the components for our medical light as we are committed to only providing the best for the Australian market.

H E Technical Services Pty Ltd is a leading provider of Medical, Surgical and Veterinary Lighting Products.

We provide a wide range of product from medical Examination lights to Surgical Lighting systems incorporating fully featured Cameras and HD monitors.

Our Products are designed for use in Operating Theatres, OR (Operating Room), Pre-Op, Anaesthetic, Procedure, Suture, Emergency, Exam and Resuscitation Rooms.

Our Services also include breakdown, Preventative Maintenance and Parts Finder services including globe procurement.

We are employed by some of Australia’s prominent Medical Lighting vendors for installation and warranty period maintenance works.


For expert advice on examination lights, surgical lights and operating theatre lights, give us a call today on (+61) 3 9775 0557.


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