All of H.E Technical Services medical lights are designed with reliability and functionality in mind. All Medical Lights are tested for durability to ensure they meet high Australian standards. By making sure our procedure lights maintain a maximum light beam during repositioning, your patients’ experience will be enhanced.

More information

  • Use – Small invasive procedures.
  • Light Intensity – Procedure lights have a light intensity of approximately 50,000Lux to 120,000Lux.
  • Fail Safe Features – Most procedure lights only have minimal Fail Safe features mainly due to clinical and statutory government requirements. Additionally, the scope of procedures for which they are used is less invasive and low risk to patients during light failure.
  • Shadow Reduction – A majority of other procedure lights provide minimal shadow reduction as the scope of procedures are less invasive.With over 40 years experience in providing high quality medical lights to the medical, surgical and veterinary industry, H.E Technical Services procedure lights have been installed in the following:
    • Endoscopy
    • Birthing Rooms
    • Day Surgery
    • Suture Rooms
    • Gynecology Procedures
    • ICU
    • Resuscitation Rooms
    • Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery
    • Maxi facial Surgery
    • Burns Units
    • ENT surgery
    • Dental Surgery
    • Pre-Op Rooms
    • Catheterization Laboratories
    • Veterinary Use

To find out more about our extensive produce range, speak to one of our medical lighting experts by contacting us on (+61) 3 9775 0557.

Minimise your energy consumption while increasing your service life of up to 50,000 hours with our range of operation theatre lightsLED medical examination lighting. Today, many hospitals are opting to install them into their operating theatres, pre-op, emergency, anaesthetic and resuscitation rooms due to the many benefits.To discover more about LED medical lighting or our wide product range, speak to one of our medical lighting experts by contacting us on (+61) 3 9775 0557.