H.E. Technical Services supports its Dr MACH medical lights – period. We maintain a very large stock of spares right here in Australia, including whole surgical lights, ex-demo operating theatre lights or superseded medical lights. No matter what the fault may be, we can replace a part or a whole operating light temporarily if spares are not stocked in Australia. Luckily, Dr MACH have legacy spares for most of their surgical lights manufactured back into the 60s. Our customers with Dr MACH products are never left without a surgical light and the ability to continue to earn a living.

Medical Examination Light

Installation Services

Provisions for hanging theatre lights in theatres or treatment areas are a very overlooked aspect of setting up a new medical clinic. This structure upon where the lights are supported should be installed before air-conditioning ducts and plastering is commenced.

H.E.Technical Manufactures custom frames to suit your facility, engineering them to the highest standards.

Medical Led

Spare Parts

H. E. Technical Services Pty. Ltd. keeps in stock a very large range of spares for most Manufacturers’ various models.We also have a large range of spares for various Manufacturers’ equipment, which no longer have representation in Australia. We  also have an extremely large range of new and used spares for various models of equipment which has been either super-ceded or no longer in production. Please contact us for further information.

Medical Examination Light

Preventative Maintenance

HE. Technical Services Pty. Ltd. performs Preventative Maintenance services on all makes and models of Surgical Lights.

Our concerns with regards to Surgical Lighting Preventative Maintenance include;

  • Ensuring that your lights work at their maximum potential.
  • Reducing your downtime from breakdowns.
  • Extending the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Electrical Safety.
  • Mechanical Safety.

Please contact us for further information.

Always feel free to contact us on (+61) 3 9775 0557, with any service or spare part problems you may have regarding your medical examination light to an LED surgical lighting system.