LED 130 Dental P


  • The Dr Mach LED 130 Dental P is the only Dental specific procedure light. With an easy twist of the handle to be able to change from 4500 Kelvin to Composite mode. The user can have more time while working with this mode avoiding premature hardening of composite fillings. This mode produces light which does not contain any UV-content and a minimum of blue colour to achieve the premature hardening of composites.
  • Optional full cardiac arm available with AC2000 suspension upgrade.
  • Sterilisable handle attachment upgrade available
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Technical Data

Mach LED 130 Dental P Dental mode Composite mode
Light  intensity @ 1m distance 40,000 lux 65,000 lux
Colour temperature 4500 kv N.A.
Colour rendering index 95 N.A.
Light field diameter 13 x 8 (oval) cm 12 cm Fixed focus
Lamphead Diameter 33 cm 33 cm
Number of LEDs 7 12