The most sophisticated lights available on the market. The Dr Mach LED 8 is the bigger brother to the LED6, with all the same features that you will love. The LED 8 is the largest option with the best shadow reduction technology on the market.

This Premium Operating theatre light has many options available to make this light the leading choice for all professionals.

The advantages of previous lighting technology used by Dr. Mach based on halogen- and gas discharge lamps have been retained:

  • less heat development both in the surgeon’s head area and in the wound field.
  • natural colour rendering,
  • exact illumination of the wound area and
  • easy positioning of the lighting body.

Additional options available on request are:

  • Laser pointer to help focus on the centre of the operating site.
  • Mechanical adjustment of light field to enhance its focusing ability.
  • Automatic Shadow management.
  • Addition of Wall controller
  • HD wireless video camera
  • 4k wireless video camera
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Technical Data

Light  intensity @ 1m distance 160,000 Lux
Colour temperature 3750, 4000, 4250, 4500, 4700 Kelvin
Colour rendering index 98
Light field diameter 19 – 30 cm
Lamphead Diameter 66 cm
Number of LEDs 99
Lifespan of LEDs >60,000h